Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello again from Botswana

Hello to all.  We know that it has been a while since we last posted.  It's not that there hasn't been a lot going on over here, it's just that blogging is kind of hard.  We never know exactly what is of interest to the anonymous masses out there in cyber-land. Since our last post we have been busy with work and projects, spent quality time with our host family at the cattle post, had an amazing visit from Jojo's aunt Gail, and generally have just been living the typical Peace Corps life.  The weather has thankfully cooled off a bit from the 'please kill me' heat of Jan-March, and now is pretty much beautiful every day.  It won't rain for 6-8 months, and will slowly start becoming cooler at night.  We have about 5 months to go in our service, which I feel is the perfect amount of time to wrap up and plan for the future sustainability (hopefully) of projects and start looking forward to life after PC Botswana.  Jojo has started to write her thesis paper for grad school which will keep her very busy over our last months here, and I am starting to mull over the thought of actually having to work again.  EISH!  We are both really starting to soak in and enjoy the simple pleasures that life offers in a small village of a developing southern African nation, as we know that soon this journey will come to an end.  But I am kind of getting ahead of myself as we still have some months to go, as well as a trip from Jojo's sisters and brother's in law, which we absolutely can't wait for!!  Below are some pics from the last few months.

Peace & Love -

After a long hard road, the Tonota Clinic Garden finally has vegetables planted.  This project has been a great learning experience and super fun for me, but also very challenging.  I am so excited to have planted, and am looking forward to hosting a Permagardening Workshop here in Tonota for some other PCV's who are interested in gardening and other details of this project.  We will finish digging plots in the other half of the garden and plant seedlings.  Currently there is swiss chard and kale planted as well as sacks of herbs. 

We made the signs with bones collected at the cattle post.

Botho (Erika) and Jojo a little too close to the rhinos.  This is at a small game park located within the closed village of Orapa where the largest diamond mine in Botswana is located.  Botho's boyfriend Mbaki works at the mine, and was able to get us passes into the village.  They are very very protective of the diamonds and as such security is crazy around the mines.

We miss you all!

The obligatory Baobab shot.

This is what is looks like on the opposite side of all those animal pics.

So many elephants in Botswana.

I think I love seeing them on the road the most.  It's just crazy that this is their home.

Hell yeah Rams!!

Jojo's Gender Society hosted a really cool village clean up event.  We were able to organize over 100 youth from the village to come out on a Saturday morning to clean up rubbish from around the village.  There is a world wide "Global Youth Service Day" which encourages youth to volunteer in their communities, and we were very proud to be able to help organize this event in Tonota.

Riding donkeys at the cattle post.

Nuff said.


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